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Aircrack-ng Changelog

Version 1.2-beta3 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-beta2) - Released 31 March 2014:

  • Finally properly fixed the buffer overflow.
  • Fixed channel parsing (eg 108, 125) and updated radiotap parser.
  • Various other small fixes.

Version 1.2-beta2 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-beta1) - Released 30 November 2013:

  • Airbase-ng: Fixed order of IE when creating soft Access Point.
  • Airbase-ng: Fixed Caffe Latte Attack not working for all clients.
  • Aircrack-ng: Improved PTW speed thanks to Ramiro Polla.
  • Airmon-zc: Fixed improper use of the interface.
  • Airdecap-ng: Fixed decoding captures with WMM enabled.
  • Various: Fixed memory leaks in Aircrack-ng, Aireplay-ng, OSdep.
  • Added support for static analysis using Coverity Scan.
  • Fixed compilation due to PIC unfriendly assembly on Gentoo hardened.
  • Fixed running tests using 'make check'.
  • Fixed building aircrack-ng with recent version of gcc and also on cygwin.
  • Various other small fixes.

Version 1.2-beta1 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.1) - Released 25 May 2013:

  • Airmon-ng: Added chipset information for ar9170usb, wl, rt2800usb, ar9271, wl12xx, RT3070STA, ath9k_htc, r871x_usb_drv, ath5k, carl9170 and various Intel drivers.
  • Airmon-ng: Fixed chipset information ipw2200.
  • Airmon-ng: Fixed output for r8187 driver.
  • Airmon-ng: Improved chipset information for a few drivers.
  • Airmon-ng: Support for displaying information about ath9k.
  • Airmon-ng: Added 'check kill' to automatically kill services that could interfere.
  • Airmon-ng: Fixed issues with Intel chipsets detection.
  • Airmon-ng: Updated iw download link.
  • Airmon-ng: Better mac80211 handling
  • Airmon-ng: Added detection for WiLink TI driver, rtl819xU, iwlwifi.
  • Airmon-zc: Improved version of Airmon-ng with more detailled information.
  • Airdecap-ng: Fixed decoding QoS frames (Closes: #667 and #858).
  • Airgraph-ng: Use Aircrack-ng Makefile instead of its own.
  • Airbase-ng: Fixed bug using clients list.
  • Airbase-ng: Fixed issue with QoS (ticket #760).
  • Airbase-ng: Fixed sending beacons with null SSID.
  • Airbase-ng: Allow non ASCII ESSID
  • Airodump-ng: Fixed buffer overflow (ticket #728).
  • Airodump-ng: Fixed channel parsing.
  • Airodump-ng: Fixed FreeBSD battery reading.
  • Airodump-ng: Renamed “Packets” column to “Frames” (“Packets” was not correct).
  • Airodump-ng: Fixed XML bugs when outputting NetXML: ESSID containing '&' or chinese characters, when multiple encryption are used.
  • Airodump-ng: Add alternative paths for Airodump-ng OUI file.
  • Airodump-ng: Added GPSd 2.92+ support (JSON).
  • Airodump-ng: Add option –manufacturer to display manufacturer column on airodump-ng.
  • Airodump-ng: Add feature to show APs uptime (–uptime) based on the timestamp.
  • Airodump-ng-OUI-update: Fixed OUI URL and allow CURL redirect (ticket #829).
  • Airdrop-ng: removed .p
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